Become an ambassador

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Ambassadors of The Blue House Project are volunteers who raise awareness about our work and help to make an impact. 

The role of an ambassador includes:

• join meetings to brainstorm about new and existing projects
• spread the word
• promote social media campaigns
• organise fundraising activities
• help with email campaigns
• help with social media and website
• come up with product designs and ideas
• help selling products from Pushkar (wholesale and retail)
• help to manage finances
• recruit volunteers and supporters• build connections with businesses and partners
• give feedback


Ambassadors have access to promocodes that they can share with their network. Promocodes add discounts to the products of The Blue House Project. 

Here are some ideas of what ambassadors can brainstorm about: 

• How can we help families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty? 

• How can we raise incentives for parents to send their children to school?
• How to improve school attendance rates?
• How can we improve the use of our monthly budget? 
• How can we raise our monthly income?
• What new products can we sell to raise funds?
• How can we prevent to create reliance and dependency?
• How can we create sustainability?
• How can we protect children against child marriage and other violations of child rights?
• How can we improve gender equality?

This is a flexible role to suit your availability and there is no minimum time commitment.

Apply for the ambassador program

Thank you for applying! You will receive an e-mail within 36 hours.