Volunteer in the Blue House

The Blue House Project works with locals from the disadvantaged community itself. Volunteers are also welcome and appreciated. We host volunteers throughout the year. We also collaborate with AIESEC Jaipur to host groups of volunteers. 

If you want to volunteer at the Blue House Project, we ask you to let us know your skills, experience with children (preferably in developing countries). Volunteers are required to sign a child protection policy and a volunteer policy. The minimum stay in two weeks.


Some skills that are useful: 

- Sports

- English

- Art

- Math

- Knowledge about child rights and women rights 

- Photography

- Cooking skills 

- Entrepeneurship

Other suggestions are welcome.


We do not charge volunteer-fees. If you want to contribute, you can start a fundraising, bring clothes or toys or sell our Pushkar products in your circle. You are free to decide how the money that you might have raised will be invested. Volunteers can also buy notebooks, schoolbooks, pencils, sport gear or uniforms themselves when they are in Pushkar. 

Apply here for voluntary work in the Blue House:

Volunteer in the Blue House

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Blue House!

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